“Creative” Headquarters


Aevum, Inc. is headquartered at the heart of Rocket City, Alabama just five minutes from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, the Redstone Arsenal, and Cummings Research Park.  Aevum is purposefully headquartered inside of the historic Lowe Mill, the largest privately owned arts facility in the United States.  Every day, Aevum's commercial space team works within a thriving creative community alongside over 200 artists and makers in an area of the city where no one would expect a technology company.  The choice of location reflects Aevum's focus, to break the digital divide through accessible space delivery services, and core values.


Welcome to Aevum!

The main entrance of Aevum HQ has modern small satellite structures and additively manufactured components on display next to an Apollo launch of the Saturn V.  The entire facility is secured with badged access control and multi-tier security monitoring.


Worldwide Customer Wall

Aevum Space Delivery Services (sm) are demanded worldwide and we ensure that every Aevum team member is focused on serving each and every one of our customers with the highest quality service anywhere, anytime.

Fully-featured Machine shop


Hard(ware) at Work

AS9100 Compliant
Quality Management System
is behind All Aevum Hardware


Seven DNAs of Aevum

1 | We are capable and exceed the global standards of Reliability

2 | Our compassion for others grows indefinitely with Aevum

3 | Our service reflects our care for others and the universe

4 | We are proactive in seizing opportunities to advance our mission

5 | We nurture collaboration and lead from the front with humility

6 | Our actions reflect our sincerity

7 | In communication, we say what we mean, exactly how we mean it


Huntsville Mission Control Center

From here, Aevum controls every aspect of the Ravn launch architecture from developmental flight operations and qualification tests.  In 2016, Aevum achieved one of its major milestone in this mission control center by demonstrating a real-time, simulated Ravn mission of launching a 30-satellite constellation to low Earth orbit in less than 3 hours using state-of-the-art technologies that included flight-proven NASA software.


Carbon Composite Fabrication Facility

Aevum HQ includes a production facility with equipment and all else necessary to input raw materials in one end and output finished carbon structures out the other end.  The production facility includes a clean storage for FOD sensitive operations.  The entire facility is humidity controlled on top of the standard air conditioning.  Over head are modular bus bars with single- and three- phase power and complete connectivity for all Aevum technologies.


Legacy Conference Room

Aevum HQ has a couple of conference rooms.  The Aevum Legacy Conference Room shown above is our way of honoring those who paved the way in rocket propulsion and contains a large print of some of our favorite rocket engines, including the F-1, MC-1 Fastrac (predecessor of SpaceX's Merlin engine), J-2X, XRS-2200 (X-33), and the legendary RL-10.  At the center of the engines, is a message from the subject matter experts who led the development of a few of these engine.

"Don't just reinvent the wheel,
Take what we learned and invent the future."

- Subject Matter Expert, Mentee of Von Braun's Original Rocket Scientists
[Ass Kicker(s) of Aevum Engineers]


Hello World!