Independent Space Access with Autonomous Launch

Reaching space takes more than a launch vehicle. From ground stations to software, ground crews, supply chain, regulatory compliance and more, the complexities of space logistics have resulted in dependence upon a very limited number of expensive and inflexible launch providers.

The true bottleneck to democratization of space is dependence.

Own your access to space through Aevum. Whether you’re looking for insertion accuracy, for rapid constellation deployment, or low-cost launch, the flexible and cost-efficient services of Autonomous Launch help you build out your infrastructure in low Earth orbit (LEO).

Most importantly, you're in control. Anywhere, anytime.

Autonomous Launch
When Time and Assured Space Access Matters

Consideration of the launch vehicle, ground operations, mission data, and mission management as a single product is essential for operationally relevant launch capability for elite space operations. The Aether Transport System powers Autonomous Launch to provide space operators with comprehensive space logistics services for accurate, express delivery of payloads to any low earth orbit destinations.

The elements of Autonomous Launch were engineered from the ground up as the ultimate launch system for lightweight payloads with reconfigurability, modularity with standard interfaces, interoperability with existing ground infrastructure, and responsiveness with reliability at its core.

In addition to seamless integration of aerospace hardware and operations, intelligent, modular software interweaves throughout the launch system down to the smallest control circuitry. The result is a no-compromise paradigm for space access that's configurable in every way. Invented by Aevum in the USA.

Characteristics of Autonomous Launch
Characteristic1Small Launch Architecture
Overall Reusability20%0%0%70% to 92%
First Stage Reusability0%0%0%100%
Responsiveness6 to >12 months6 to >12 months>24 months60 to 180 minutes
Annual Availability380%60%-95%N/A98%
Ground and Flight Operations SafetyMannedMannedMannedUnmanned
Capital Required for Launch InfrastructureRequiredRequiredRequiredNone
Space Access from Any 1-Mile Runway 2-Mile Minimum
Available Earth surface area for launch<1%<1%26%76%
Remote Launch Using Any Internet Device
Unpredictable Launch Site
Ability to Change Mission Mid-Launch
Parallel Launch for Constellation Deployment
Invented11th Century AD
1903, Tsiolkovsky
1958, NOTSNIK1950's
submarine launch
2016, Aevum
1Table data based on publicly available information from launch providers.
2Some small ground launch providers are actively working on reusability.
3Average available days per year for launch. Statistics based on comprehensive historical flight data, includes delays driven by weather, safety, commit criteria, delta-v margins, and more.
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