Space Transport Services

From wherever you are to anywhere in low Earth orbit (LEO), Aevum's transportation services to space provide everything you need to operate and maintain your business there.

We'll help you manage, track, and transport your spacecraft and payloads to LEO.

You do the rest and move the world forward.

Space Portal™
The Aether Transport System is an AI-operated global network with two customer access points: physical and digital. Aevum spaceports are physical access points serving as the payload drop off and operations facilities. The Space Portal is the digital interface to Aether. In order to use space transport services to LEO with Autonomous Launch, customers must log into the Space Portal and task the Aether Transport System to launch their payload(s).
Configuring Transport Services
The Space Portal offers three different configuration options for tasking Aether to launch your payload to LEO.
Option | 1

Book Capacity On Existing Launch

The Space Portal lists all available launches with vacant capacity. If the launch is listed, customers are welcome to book capacity on the launch.
Option | 2

Custom Configuration

Configure a launch from scratch in over a thousand different ways. The Space Portal guides the user through each step.
Option | 3

Intelligent Configuration

Please log into the Space Portal to learn more about this option.
New Customers
Aevum is currently accepting US Government, commercial, research, and university customers. For more information, please contact Aevum at
Here's How It Works.
Step 1

Log In

Log in to the Space Portal™
Step 2

Plan Your Launch

Configure your destination in space. Aevum's Cloud Services accessible through the Space Portal make it easy for you to try different destinations and trade launch vehicles and even cost.

Your human account manager and Aevum's space logistics team is ready to help you with every step.

Step 3

Choose Your Autonomous Launch Vehicle (AuLV)

You only pay for what you ship.
Overall Cost = Your payload weight * Base Price + features

AuLVAvg./Min. PayloadFeaturesBase PriceOverall Cost
Ravn X100 kg/ No minimum$7,700/kg$ to $$$
Ravn300 kg/ 50 kg minimum$1,850/kg$$ to $$$$$
Step 4

Choose A Space Transport Solution

SolutionIntended UsePrice
CommercialFor Corporations$$$
ResearchFor Universities, Laboratories, R&D$$
DefenseFor US Government and US Allies$$$
Now™<180 Minute Launch$$$$$
IndividualFor Individuals, Entrepreneurs$
You only pay what you use. Final launch price is the sum of AuLV selection and solution. A fully dedicated launch price ranges from $5 million to $15 million.
Step 5

Schedule Pickup or Find A Spaceport for Drop Off

Step 6

Welcome To Having Your Own Space Program

Manage, track, change, and add optional services through your Space Portal account.
Lead Times (2022-2027)1
Solution3 hours1 week3 mos6 mos12+ mos
Ravn X Commercial
Ravn X Research
Ravn X Defense
Ravn X Now™
Ravn X Individual2
Ravn Commercial
Ravn Research
Ravn Defense
Ravn Now™
Ravn Individual2
1Lead times in 2021 are over 12 months. Typical lead times for government missions are 24 months.
2Individual solutions do not have expediate options.
denotes the fastest lead time.
denotes the normal lead time.
Ready? Let's Launch It.
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