Our Story

In 2005, Jay Skylus, founder and CEO of Aevum, came across the news of US troop bodies recovered in Afghanistan. As the reports developed, Jay noticed that difficulties in communications in Afghanistan was a reiterated factor. With his own brother serving in the US military, Jay felt deep compassion for those who lost their own brothers and worked to make sense of the difficulties faced by communication systems in Afghanistan. After conducting research and feeling compelled that reducing the high logistics barrier to space access could bridge the technology gaps and save lives, Jay resolved to democratize access to space and never looked back.

aevum (/ae̯.vum/): the mean between time (Earth) and eternity (space)

Our Social Mission

Aevum, Inc. was founded to provide the technologies and logistics necessary to empower people to share their stories.

Right now, there are over 3.4 billion people around the world whose stories cannot be heard because they do not have access to basic digital technologies like the internet. This number also means that over 870 million children under 14 do not have access to education or a way to read about the world that they share with us.

The technology and resources needed by those left behind by the digital divide already exist; they just need to be delivered. Aevum can help overcome the high logistical cost of making basic technologies available with our logistics solution. On our resolve to empower people to share their stories, Aevum will not stop delivering.

Our Services

Space, as the ultimate vantage point, is part of the solution to overcoming global communication challenges. However, the high logistical cost of accessing space has limited it to a select few. That’s all about to change when Aevum fields its capabilities.

Do you have a compelling space mission? We would love for you to share it with us.


Jay reads story of US soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan.
Begins research to make sense of communication challenges in remote locations.


Original resolve to break the digital divide by making space accessible for everyone.


Self-funded rocket research through a successful online automotive business. Attempt to build first rocket engine.


Built first internal combustion engine as part of ongoing combustion dynamics research.


Jay's work featured on the cover of MR2Only magazine.


Birth of Ravn launch vehicle concept I. Design review by experts.


Development moves into 300 sq ft office. Completion of Ravn concept II with improved performance and reliability.


Ravn concept III engineered for commercial viability and low cost. 



Founded Aevum, Inc. in Jay's apartment.


Aevum gains corporate sponsorships from ANSYS, Inc. and Solidworks Corporation. Aevum moves into its first official 700 sq ft office.


Company completes founder, friends, and family round of funding.


Completion of the design and preliminary analysis of Ravn launch vehicle mark I.


Aevum virtually demonstrates the Ravn launch vehicle by launching a constellation of 30 small satellites to a 500 km, circular orbit. Grows team and expands office to 1,500 sq ft.

End of 2016

Aevum begins offering space delivery services to select customers.



Prototyping of Ravn vehicle begins.


Customers soft-commit to launch purchases.


More customer letters of intent to purchase Aevum launch services.


Successful hardware-in-the-loop test of subscale Ravn booster test bed.


Successful ground test of the subscale Ravn booster test bed. Construction of Aevum's Launch Vehicle Production Facility begins.


Aevum completes seed round investment with Angel investors in Huntsville, Alabama.


Aevum grows more and moves into a new 7,000 sq ft facility.

End of 2017

Customer Soft-Commitments

Partnerships Formed and Teaming Agreements Executed

Strong Supplier and Manufacturer Relationships Established

Ravn Subsystems Tested and Analysis Anchored

Seed Funding Secured

Spaceport Assessment Completed | Spaceport RFQ in Progress

Ravn Protoflight Vehicle Production in Progress


Aevum was busy last year. The company will be releasing details of the milestones soon!


This is pivotal year for Aevum. There is an amazing journey ahead.