Working at Aevum

At Aevum, our compassion drives us forward. Compassion for those who were left behind by the Digital Revolution.

Currently, we are developing a new, innovative orbital launch architecture - you must love space and aeronautical technologies.  Success in this endeavor demands excellence across the entire spectrum of the human experience.  We are silent professionals with a rebellious heart.  There are no limitations and the word "impossible" is simply the opinion of weak minds.  As the leaders of innovation and technology, we hold each other accountable to the high standards and rigor necessary to lead by example.

By applying to a position at Aevum, you are submitting to join a small team of the absolute best in their respective field to solve some of the world's greatest challenges.  You should eat, sleep, and breathe the expertise required for the position you're being considered for.  You must be relentlessly dedicated to your art and excited about contributing to global progress.  

Aevum is developing flight hardware and commercial services.  Whether it's engineering or business development, your work has direct influence in the world - the stakes are high, expectations are even higher.  Building and testing hardware and deploying software should be in your blood.  You recognize opportunities quickly and execute while possessing the integrity to lean on your team when you need to.  You stay intensely focused on the mission and never let up.

Aevum is proud to be an exponential organization. Aevum team members span across multiple time zones across the United States.  Being a part of Aevum means you may be offered the opportunity relocate to any other Aevum location, which are currently, Alabama, California, Colorado, and Oregon.

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